The Tarot


The tarot is a deck of stories.  I use the 22 Major Arcana as a tool for opening up entry points into stories, forming maps of the literary terrain, discovering the inner lives and motivations of characters and possibilities for narrative structure. It's all there if have the eyes to see it. We can use the cards to generate new stories or add depth and direction to the ones we've already written. 

I read the tarot. So, what do you want to know? For readings I use a hand-colored Noblet Marseille Tarot deck (a restoration of one of the oldest French decks, originally created in 1650) and use three cards—which is known as the open reading method—to answer any number of questions, see more deeply into the present and gain perspective on what's to come. 

NOTE: Brilliant questions are free. The rest require a fee. 

So, what do you want to know?