New Book: Thrive, The Vegan Nutrition Guide

I picked up THRIVE by Vegan Triathlete Brendan Brazier. I’ll review it after I’ve read it.

But, I’ll say this now — I am excited to use the principals outlined within the book as part of my yoga practice, fitness routine and diet. I’ve been mostly vegan for almost 2 years now with a few hiccups ( See my Elephant Journal article on pizza ).

However, I find myself at the final stage of the eating evolution (I’ll post another time on becoming Vegan vs. Veganism becoming you. There is a difference) and this book is filled with great insight and information on plant-based nutrition. It also dispels some really bad myths about the incompleteness of a Vegan diet. I’d say Brazier has shown conclusively that Vegan eating can be powerful, energized and based on the recipes I’ve read so far, pretty damn delicious.

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