Pizza or Vegan? A New Post Over At Elephant Journal

I’ve got a new post over at Elephant Journal about my struggle with giving up pizza. It’s my one big, cheesy, saucy, yummy hurdle on the road to being Vegan.

Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve been vegetarian for a couple of years now. I slowly let a vast array of meats fall away as I settled nicely into the very comfortable dairy and eggs only category (octo-lavo-something or other, right?). That was fine for a while. But alas, I now feel a tug toward the next step and find myself faced with the toughest food choice ever: Vegan or pizza?
I know what you’re thinking: Hey Coe, they have vegan cheese and vegan pizza now.

And there lies the potato starchy rub. You see, I love, love, love pizza. I’ve driven miles, hours even, to try great pizza. One of those long drives was to try a vegan pizza. Which is why I am now struggling so much with the final big step into culinary moksha. The vegan pizza, while decent, just wasn’t pizza-esque enough for me.

Read the rest at Elephant Journal. It is good to support the Elephant.


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  1. Brian Knebes

    While I admire your strength to let go of of the sections of he food pyramid that creates a struggle for so many Americans, I still could never imagine myself turning down a juicy Copps cheese burger or turning a check to an extra slice of Zaffero’s all mighty thin crust. Loved the article…keep it up cousin.

  2. Coe Douglas (Author)

    Thanks, Brian. It’s mostly been easy. However, pizza has been a stumbling block so far. But, ahhhhh, Zaffero’s. I remember it well. One of Milwaukee’s best spots.

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